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Video services

Proposal presented by: Memoria Medias

I’ve really enjoyed learning more about you and what you do. Thank you for the opportunity. Because we have filmed a whole host of events like this before, we know exactly what to expect. This proposal will detail the different ways we plan on making sure not only the day goes perfectly well, but the finished product is of the highest quality.

Scope of Services

Videography and photography is an art to master, although many think that it is enough to have a camera and pull the trigger. That’s why you need professional photographers and videographers who will immortalize your special moments and highlight your moments while providing you with quality service.

Celebration of life videoshoot

This include - A 1 hours of service - The equipements - A long video of 30-40 min with some highlights of the event -Video editing -A maximum of 2 videographers


Our job is to ensure everything we've shot looks as high quality as possible. The edit will allow us to arrange the moments we've captured to take the viewer on the most engaging journey possible.

Estimated Timeline:

Long highlight video
14 business days max

Your investment

It's critical that every moment is captured with clarity and detail.

Video services

Total: $200

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